Illuminated Onyx Stair Risers


Creative residential illumination

LumiSheet LED light panels were used to backlight translucent Onyx stair risers within a residence creating a beautiful and unique staircase. Spacing behind the Onyx was extremely tight making LumiSheet the optimal lighting solution due to its extremely thin profile. The design of the stairs didn’t allow for easy access of the lighting so a maintenance-free lighting solution was also a must. LumiSheet is perfect for these types of applications due to its 17 + year lifespan without any LED or light guide plate repair or replacement.


Lighting Designer:

Roger A. Rector
Lighting, Electrical and Control Systems Designer
Light Ideas / Creative Lighting Control
Lighting Design, Vantage Controls & ENERGY SAVINGS SYSTEMS Design, Installation, Sales and Service.
P.O. Box 679
Monterey, CA. 93942-0679

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