Illuminated Onyx Stair Risers


Creative residential illumination

LumiSheet LED light panels were used to backlight translucent Onyx stair risers within a residence creating a beautiful and unique staircase. Spacing behind the Onyx was extremely tight making LumiSheet the optimal lighting solution due to its extremely thin profile. The design of the stairs didn’t allow for easy access of the lighting so a maintenance-free lighting solution was also a must. LumiSheet is perfect for these types of applications due to its 17 + year lifespan without any LED or light guide plate repair or replacement.


Lighting Designer:

Roger A. Rector
Lighting, Electrical and Control Systems Designer
Light Ideas / Creative Lighting Control
Lighting Design, Vantage Controls & ENERGY SAVINGS SYSTEMS Design, Installation, Sales and Service.
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Monterey, CA. 93942-0679

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  • Audrey Doran says:

    Question – how does one plan for the inevitable replacement when the LumiSheet does need replacing? We’re trying to backlight a fireplace mantle and the contractor is saying that once the LEDs go out, you just don’t use that function anymore – I from an engineering reliability viewpoint find that ludicrous considering how much money we are spending on not only the material, but the installation of this “feature”. Surely there is a way to go in and replace any LEDs that go out regardless of how long the think they may last. I do plan to live more than 17 more years. There is enough room to make trap doors next to the mantle, is that enough to ensure access to replace any outages and how difficult would this be?

    • Bryan Luchene says:

      Hi Audrey, Great questions. The lifespan rating of our LED panels is 70,000 hours. This rating is based on a protocol called L70 which means that after 70,000 hours of use the LEDs will have deteriorated to 70% of their original brightness. It does not imply that they will go dark. LEDs have no mechanical parts, reducing the risk of mechanical failure. Over time, heat generated by the LEDs causes deterioration in the brightness of the diode. With that said, if possible, a design scheme should be created to allow access to the light panel.

      I’ll have our support team reach out to you for location and contact info so we can introduce you to one of our systems integration specialists. They can offer advice on how to address this challenge. If your need is urgent, please give us a call at 1(888)887-2989

      Thanks again for the great questions!

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