RGB LED Light Panel

LumiSheet RGB LED Light Panel has all the same engineered benefits as LumiSheet™ plus it has the ability to change the color range to meet your application needs.


Full Integration Support


With over 12 years of experience in flat lighting technologies along with over 70 years of combined experience illuminating translucent materials, we pride ourselves in our ability to professionally guide our clients from concept to completion.

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UL Listed


We understand the benefits that UL offers and stand behind their strict testing procedures. The entire LumiSheet line of products is UL listed. This as a true testament to the engineering and quality that goes into producing this unique slighting solution.

Custom shapes, sizes, & colors


LumiSheet™ RGB LED Light Panels are designed to emit a bright, even output of light across the entire surface of the panel. Unlike traditional light panels which have the light source mounted on the exterior of the LGP (Light Guide Plate), LumiSheet™ RGB integrates high brightness LEDs and heat sinks into its exclusive 3D V-cutting LGP which makes it possible to produce “frameless”, rectangular or custom shaped LED light panels for various application needs.

There are no limitations on what can be created with LumiSheet™ RGB LED Light Panels.


High-quality components

8mm Thickness

12V DC Input Voltage

5 Watts/ft MaxPower Consumption

Color Temperatures RGB- Full Color
Operating Temperature -22 °F ~ +104 °F
Environment Dry location (Standard)
Minimum Size 2″W x 2″L x 5/16″D
Maximum Size 59″W x 118″L x 5/16″D

Companion Parts

Huge variety of accessories

The accessories and options shown are offered as standard, simple solutions. Other accessories and options are available based upon your requirements. Please speak with one of our Integration Engineers to help you determine the correct symphony of accessories to fit your application.

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