LED Light Bar

LumiStick Mini offers the same quality of LEDs as used throughout the LumiSheet line. It’s adjustable narrow profile is perfect for cove lighting or adding a lineal design element to any space.


Mini – LED Light Bar

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Full Integration Support

With over 12 years of experience in flat lighting technologies along with over 70 years of combined experience illuminating translucent materials, we pride ourselves in our ability to professionally guide our clients from concept to completion. > Meet the team

UL Listed


We understand the benefits that UL offers and stand behind their strict testing procedures. The entire LumiSheet line of products is UL listed. This as a true testament to the engineering and quality that goes into producing this unique slighting solution.

Custom Lengths and Temperatures


LumiStick Mini takes the lighting components you love from LumiSheet and LumiStick and shrinks it down to an incredible 5/16” (8mm). Best used in the tight spaces within your fixtures or display cases to provide consistent reliable light from a source you trust. The rigid aluminum extrusion provides excellent heatsink keeping your LED lifespan high and the walls of the extrusion are great at focusing the beam and hiding hot spotting when viewed at an angle.

Hotel Room

Cove Lighting

LED Color Options

Warm White


Neutral White


Pure / Cool White



High-quality components

3/16 inch Frame Thickness

12V DCInput Voltage

3W/ft MaxPower Consumption

Color Temperatures 3000K, 4100k, 5300K
Operating Temperature -22 °F ~ +104 °F
Environment Dry location (Standard)
Minimum Size 5/16”W x 3”L x 3/16”D
Maximum Size 5/16”W x 96”L x 3/16”D