Sports Authority Elite

Denver, CO

Retail & Kiosks

Since its debut, LumiSheet™ and its accompanying product line has appealed to the Retail Interiors and Fixture market due to its customizability, ease of integration and sleek, innovative design.

LumiSheet™ gives retail interior and fixture designers the flexibility to add even illumination to areas and displays that have been neglected in the past. LumiSheet™ creates a soft even glow in a multitude of color temperatures that helps exhibit the product or brand in which it’s associated.

It’s a subconscious human instinct to be attracted towards light. This attraction is called phototropism. This very simple response means that at the most fundamental level of design, by simply putting light in the right place, the designer can help direct people’s path of experience and encourage their interaction with space. You now can rely on this one simple premise of human behavior and with the help of Evo-Lite™, begin creating new and unique spaces and displays.