Welcome Karin, Bryan and Lanna to the Evo-Lite Team

We would like to welcome our newest employees to the Evo-Lite team!

Karin Bruce has joined us as our new Director of Marketing. Bryan Luchene is on board as our Digital Marketing Manager. And Lanna Sengsouvanh is joining us as Sales Support.

With a penchant for math and science and a love for her home state, Karin attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, majoring in Architectural Engineering. As one of only three universities in the nation that offered Illumination Engineering at that time, she quickly discovered lighting and has been hooked ever since. After working with event lighting in both San Francisco and Denver, Karin returned to Boulder working at a lighting showroom, educating customers and solving lighting problems. She then learned more about the distribution side of lighting, working for a national distributor headquartered in Denver, adding technical support, product and certifications management, and marketing to her skill set.

A modern-day Renaissance woman, Karin enjoys learning new things and building stuff. She loves to fashion custom light fixtures, stained glass windows, the family’s backyard ice skating rink (in the winter), and whatever else intrigues her. She volunteers for the Denver Story Slam and enjoys reading, exploring Colorado, and spending time with her family.

Bryan has spent three decades trying to figure out how to simultaneously make art and money. His many attempts to find this answer through songwriting, performance art, and journalism, inevitably lead him to Marketing. His academic training as a backpack journalist honed natural storytelling abilities into multimedia content production acumen. And he’s found that his entrepreneurial spirit and secret affinity for the absurdity of bureaucracy provide both the perspective and patience necessary to get ahead in business.

When he’s not slinging company wares, you can find him slinging tall-tales to family and friends, enjoying a beautiful craft brew or cocktail, and/or blankly staring off into space while listening to his endless queue of podcasts.

Lanna comes to Evo-Lite with an extensive background in customer service, inside sales, and a thorough knowledge of the lighting industry. Early on, Lanna understood the importance of self-motivation, relentless passion, and an unwavering work ethic. These were just a few of the valuable lessons she learned from her parents, who both immigrated to the US from Laos and thrived despite unimaginable adversity. After graduating High School and attending S.C.C. and Minnesota State University, Lanna began her career in administrative and sales support. After several roles at large regional and national businesses in the Mankato/Minneapolis area, she moved to Denver in 2014 where she got her start in the lighting industry. General interest in lighting blossomed into a passion. It is her goal to cultivate this enthusiasm, using the same fervor and unwavering work ethic to grow success in her current role at Evo-Lite.

A self-proclaimed “foodie,” Lanna lives for hole-in-the-wall restaurants, cooking ethnic cuisine, and shamelessly capturing photos of her foodie adventures. She also enjoys spoiling her Pekingese puppy, Suki with home-made meals.

All three of our new employees have hit the ground running, and we look forward to the inevitable successes of their ongoing contributions.

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