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Custom Linear Lighting Solutions

The LUXX line is ready to handle any retail, grocery, residential, commercial, or task lighting need. Each product is made-to-order for the ultimate optimized linear lighting solution for your project.

Specify fixture length, cover/lens type, color temperature, power connection type, mounting method, and more to create the perfect customized lighting solution.

Difference-Making features

The ultimate linear fixture program is here with unparalleled customizability and performance.

LUXX Fixture options

Custom built to order

Each LUXX linear product is built to your exact specifications. This allows for a tailor-made fit and an optimized lighting system. Choose diode style, cover/diffuser, mounting method, power connection type, and much more.

retail display lighting, shelf lighting, LED, fashion, glasses, sunglass display

Options for every application

Luxx Linear fixtures offer energy-saving solutions for retail shelving, refrigerated displays, task areas, under cabinet lighting, stair lighting, and even entertainment venue lighting effects.

Auragami Flexible Light Sheet in single color white, tunable white, and rgbw

LED or COB diode styles

Most LUXX fixtures and colors are available with LED or COB illumination options. The COB configuration presents a continuous line of light that eliminates the hotspots often created from traditional spaced LEDs.

Auragami with solder free plug in play connectors

Large selection of colors

In stark contrast to other lighting providers, our built-to-order process allows for extensive color options on most fixtures. Choose from several single color white temperatures, 2700-6500K tunable white, RGB, and RGBW.

LUXX mounting components

Simple mounting options

Every application has unique constraints and our fixture program provides a distinct advantage when it comes to mounting procedures. Configure your fixture with standard clips, magnetic clips, and magnetic or adhesive tape.

Custom Auragami Solution

Durable construction

Anodized aluminum and PMMA housings are lightweight and provide fixtures and provide long-lasting reliability. Robust IP ratings are available for refrigerated displays and other special applications.

Powerful Linear fixtures

Compact linear LED fixtures offer energy efficiency and a wealth of configuration options.

Flexible LED Neon

Vibrant LED neon provides impactful linear lighting effects and long-lasting reliability.

LUXX Power Track

The UL Listed Power Track provides easy power access and eliminates the mess of long lead wires.