Superior energy-efficient lighting fixtures for shelving, retail, under cabinet, and other task lighting needs.


The Cannes Shelf Lighting Fixture is a slim corner profile that offers nearly 320 lumens per foot (standard configuration).

ALU Cannes

The ALU Cannes is a small lighting fixture that is great for corner applications. Its 45° profile ensures that the entire application space is lit evenly and brightly.


The Memphis is an extremely bright and durable shelf lighting fixture. Choose from two fast mounting options, three cover choices, and LED or COB illumination.


The Monaco Shelf Lighting Fixture is a compact, energy-efficient LED lighting tool that is perfect for any retail application.

ALU Monaco Slim

The ALU Monaco Slim is crafted with an anodized aluminum housing and is super compact at just 8 x 6mm!

ALU Monaco Semi Linear

The ALU Monaco Semi Linear is crafted with an anodized aluminum housing. This fixture casts a surprising volume of light from its tiny footprint.


The Monza is constructed of durable PMMA and comes standard with a light-diffusing lens.


The Nizza offers bright, diffused lighting in a streamlined package. It’s the perfect shelf fixture for any task or retail lighting need.


The Roma linear fixture is constructed from anodized aluminum and durable PMMA. It offers great light diffusion and ample brightness for all task and display lighting needs.

Slimline SM

One of our best-selling fixtures, the Slimline SM is great for all of one’s retail, task, and display needs. Choose from three lens types and three simple mounting options.


The Torino is a powerful alternative to T5 and T8 tube light fixtures. The design of the aluminum housing allows for it to be mounted at several different angles for optimal performance.

Power Track

The LUXX Power Track makes power connections across an install simple. Simply run the power track behind the install and link each fixture to it with simple twist connections.