A Timeless Concept

Throughout history, light has brought humans together. We gathered around the campfire to share meals and tell stories. Its light created safety and allowed us to explore places that were previously unreachable.

The Evo-Lite company

About Evo-Lite

While the benefits of light remain unchanged, our creativity for harnessing its power continues to evolve. At Evo-Lite, we understand this “campfire concept.” From product design to integration support, our goal has always been to create elements of light that gather, comfort, inspire, and guide people.

Meet the Sales Team

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Jon Batten
Director of Sales
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Direct: 303‑587‑5441
Work: 720‑465‑6707
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Chris Barrett
Territory Manager - Northeast
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Direct: 720-541-9915
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John Wigginton
Territory Manager - West
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Direct: 720-739-7111
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Shaye Evans
Territory Manager
South / Central
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Direct: 720-779-2725
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Tristan LeMaster
Project Management Assistant
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Direct: 720-625-8991
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Wade Bombenger
National Residential
Sales Manager
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Direct: 720-689-2299
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Julie Mock
National Residential
Sales Coordinator
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Direct: 720-420-7645
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Nancy Sampson
Accounting Administrator
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Direct: 720-439-4366

Our Mission

When you order from Evo-Lite, you're helping to support a team that has more on its mind than profits. Our US-based company doesn't have investors or a board of directors that push for profits at any cost. Instead, our primary motivation is driving lighting technology to its limits and sharing the results with the world. A rising tide lifts all ships.

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Product Design

Our product design method is somewhat unique in the lighting industry. Our entire team contributes by putting in hundreds of hours of research, development, and real-world testing. We work extremely closely with our providers and customers to fine-tune every aspect of each new product. We strive to be an industry leader and innovator.

Full Journey Support

It's no secret – we love lighting and everything it can do. Achieving outstanding results matters as much to us as it does to you. As North America's most experienced backlighting team, we've seen everything. No matter the complexities of your project or the unexpected roadblocks along the way, our all-hands-on-deck approach will provide clever solutions and extraordinary results. Together, we can overcome any obstacles.

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Behind The Scenes

Alongside our desire to innovate is our desire to create a supportive environment for our employees. We strive to foster collaboration, develop meaningful growth opportunities, and allow each team member to play to their strengths. Being an independent business helps us make changes quickly when something isn't working or can be improved. Evo-Lite's management is exceptionally transparent, sharing the successes and challenges at each month's company round-up.

Ready To Work With Us?

When working with Evo-Lite, you foster innovation and support a passionate, independent American business dedicated to a collaborative and transparent work environment. Together, we can illuminate a brighter future, one order at a time.

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Evo-Lite Headquarters

Building A Legacy

Evo-Lite opened for business in 2005 with the goal of providing novel lighting solutions for a variety of unique applications and challenges. Headquartered in the Denver metro area of Colorado, Evo-Lite quickly established itself as the ultimate authority on backlighting.

We pride ourselves on our ability to professionally guide wholesale and design industry clients from concept to completion. Our incredible portfolio proves our experience in tactfully illuminating a huge array of lighting projects – from simple residential countertops to massive architectural features.

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Luminous Solutions

Our experience as an industry innovator combined with our manufacturing capabilities result in powerful and reliable lighting solutions for every situation and scale.

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We are dedicated to supporting our customers with the latest LED lighting technologies. We'll help you understand how to achieve the perfect result.

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Customer Support

Whether through project planning, installation, or creating an industrial solution, we'll be there to support you along the way – from concept to completion.