Power & Control Enclosures

Typically large-scale lighting systems require many power supplies and control devices. Our Power & Control Enclosures (PCE’s) combine the power, circuiting, and control components required by your lighting system into one compact solution. We handle all of the wiring and technical details so that you can simply mount the enclosure into your installation and connect your lights.

These enclosures offer incredible time and labor savings and require just a single line voltage connection to power. Be sure to specify a Power & Control Enclosure for your next project with Evo-Lite!

Difference-Making features

Custom built for your project

Tailor-made to fit your lighting system’s voltage, wattage, circuitry, fusing, and control needs. Our optimized units reduce the number of components needed which results in both cost and space savings.

The ultimate time-saver

Eliminate the errors and time-consuming process of wiring dozens of lighting system components together. Our organized and streamlined units are easy to work with, unlike the mess of wiring pictured here.

Auragami Flexible Light Sheet in single color white, tunable white, and rgbw

Power input simplified

Requires just a single line voltage connection to power your entire system. This reduction in wire clutter will make your electrician and your budget very happy.

Auragami with solder free plug in play connectors

No more guess work

Pre-configured system eliminates potential wiring errors made by those unfamiliar with low voltage lighting components. Clear labeling and optimized systems now make the hardest part of your installation the easiest!

Space-saving design

Electricians and lighting designers love our enclosures as all components are clearly labeled and neatly bundled into one space-saving unit. No need to dedicate an entire room to power supplies like pictured above!

Custom Auragami Solution

Advanced safety features

Optional panel door power shut-off handle disconnects the PCE from line voltage for a safe working environment. Additional ratings for ingress protection or NEMA 3R are available.

What would you rather have?

It's easy to see why optimized Power & Control Enclosures are incredible time-saving tools.

Tangled electrical wire mess is difficult to work on, dangerous, and inefficient.

Typical Low Voltage Systems

Multiple drivers can require multiple controllers or repeaters, thus increasing the number of components needed. This requires significantly more installation time.

Each connection must be made correctly and with full contact for everything to function properly. Otherwise, electricians will likely be called back to troubleshoot the problem - is it a wiring issue or an equipment issue?

More components mean more maintenance, more potential points of failure, and more time needed for troubleshooting.

Evo-Lite's Power & Control Enclosures

Our PCE’s include all the necessary devices, circuiting, and fusing specifically required by your project’s total wattage, control needs, and power location. 

This UL Listed, UL 8750 approved, Class 3 compliant electrical enclosure requires one AC power connection for power input. Low voltage circuits and connection points are clearly identified. Devices come programmed and configured.

PCE’s consolidate all devices which makes it possible to streamline the number of components – reducing future maintenance costs.