When unique distinctions accompany your project, Evo-Lite explores and configures creative solutions. Well-grounded in our backlighting knowledge and expertise, we recognize opportunities where others might see barriers. We support your ambitious visions and fuel your creative freedom.

One Size does not fit all.

Neoteric: (noun) one who advocates new ideas; (adjective) modern, recent

Most lighting providers force you to design your project around their product's limitations, whereas Evo-Lite wants your creativity to be the driving force. We have the ability to customize many aspects of our products to fit your exact needs. We can also work with our existing network of manufacturers to provide limitless possibilities in lighting product design.

We'll handle the technical details and manufacturing logistics so you can focus on making your vision the best it can possibly be. Fill out the contact form below to get your custom lighting solution started! Minimum order quantities may apply.

This is a great service for those looking to integrate customized lighting into industrial machinery, game machines, inventions, retail products, and more.

Product configuration options:

  • Specific color temperatures for single color, tunable white, and RGBW
  • IP Rating for optimized environmental protection
  • LED pitch / placement
  • PCB material: flexible, rigid, or custom materials
  • Pre-mounted layouts that save time with modular assemblies
  • Wattage / energy-efficiency /  brightness

How it works

Custom lighting solutions may take time to develop and research. Below is a basic outline of our process.

designing project

1. Identify project needs

The first step in creating a neoteric solution is based on the needs of your application. Do you need more energy efficiency? Do you want just a single color product that matches your brand color? Do you want the light engine pre-mounted to a rigid backer or made to a certain shape? How much space is there?

neoteric light sheet

2. Configure lighting engine

We provide neoteric solutions that are either modified versions of our core product line or brand new products sourced from our manufacturing partnerships. Our partners allow us to provide unlimited possibilities in product design, component sourcing, and control integration.

building your custom product at factory

3. Build selected configuration

The final phase will consist of building the product to the desired specifications. We will source the necessary components, tool up our machines, and run the new design through our R&D performance evaluation process. Once everything checks out we'll complete the order and send your neoteric solution on its way.

Let's get your neoteric solution started!

We can't wait to see how we can help you achieve your vision. We will need some basic details on the project and what you're looking to do. Once we receive your inquiry our expert system integration specialists will explore a few solutions and guide you the rest of the way.

Let's get started!