Innovative WAVEGUIDE standards

Our LED Waveguide technology allows us to use a variety of light refraction techniques.

Dot Waveguide

The Dot LED Waveguide pattern is the supreme choice for backlighting applications. This waveguide pattern requires little to no diffusion, allowing for the most compact installs ever.

Fusion LED Waveguide best light panel grid style

Grid Waveguide

Fusion Grid uses LumiSheet's patented V-groove waveguide pattern. This tried and true pattern has long been an industry standard due to its performance and even light distribution.

Fusion LED Waveguide Nano light panel edgelit

Nano Waveguide

The Nano LED Waveguide uses a specialized acrylic sheet that contains microscopic light-catching particles. This creates an LED Waveguide with no discernible light pattern – requiring no diffusion!

Fusion LED Waveguide light panel laser machine

Advancing Light Panels to completely new heights

Designed from the ground up by the industry's most experienced backlighting professionals, Fusion redefines the light panel category using the latest manufacturing techniques, equipment, and lighting science. We are just one of a few entities in the entire world that have the tooling and know-how to facilitate this new ecosystem of light panel products.

As a result, we've engineered massive improvements to the LED waveguide, heat sink, and manufacturing process while also fully realizing the capabilities of optimized light refraction science, light distribution, and configuration freedom.

Pioneering Light Refraction Technology & Manufacturing

Evo-Lite was one of the first adopters of light panel technology in North America. Over the past two decades, we established clever ways to use the technology, solving complex lighting challenges that were impossible before.

We used this experience to innovate the next generation of LED Waveguides. The result is a limitless range of solutions that offer unprecedented design freedom, performance, energy efficiency and complete customization. We can direct light in any imaginable way for any imaginable application.

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Fusion LED Waveguide pattern options

Standard Color Options

Choose a standard color option or specify your very own custom CCT.

The best Specifications

Our Light Panels use state-of-the-art engineering and the latest in LED advancements.

Energy efficient light panel

Energy Efficient

Modern LEDs use fewer watts for low-cost performance

Fusion LED Waveguide light panel offers powerful brightness and even illumination

Optimized Brightness

Ultra bright with even illumination across the entire Waveguide

Fusion LED Waveguide offers great color rendering

Color Clarity

Standard 90+ CRI for true tones and deeply vibrant color rendering

Best made light panel

Next Gen Construction

Crafted using the most sophisticated machinery and components

Made in the USA

USA Made

Manufactured in the USA with a global network of partners

Full Design Optimization

By working directly with us, the manufacturer, our customers get the exact specifications they desire without settling or compromising on performance. The Fusion Light Panel is a blank canvas with an limitless assortment of customizable features.

Fusion LED Waveguide light panel offers a variety of light refraction styles

Light Refraction Method

Choose from standard dots, grids, and nano patterns or opt for a customized pattern of virtually any size or shape.

Fusion Waveguide optimized to order

Waveguide Shape & Size

Evenly illuminate any shape and size up to 48" x 96". Plus, select a waveguide thickness with standard options from 6-8mm, and additional options as thin as .5mm up as thick as 10mm plus.

Auragami Flexible Light Sheet in single color white, tunable white, and rgbw

Lighting Specifications

Choose LED type, custom color temperatures, brightness, efficiency, color rendering, and other light source metrics.

Custom Auragami Solution

Light Diffusion

When an application calls for diffusion, we can provide integrated and non-integrated diffusion layers, films, or sheets.

Custom Auragami Solution

Light Source Positioning

Choose the location of the embedded light source anywhere in the Waveguide. Radiate light from the center or around shapes.

Auragami with solder free plug in play connectors

Power Connections

Specify the quantity, location, and type of lead wires to create clean installs and avoid complex wire connections.

Auragami folded

Mounting Methods

Specify pre-drilled mounting holes and use options provided by others such as  z-clips, standoffs, or integrated aluminum extrusions.

Custom Auragami Solution

Industrial OEM Builds

Fusion Waveguides are the perfect illumination tool for industrial / OEM builds. We’ll design a waveguide to fit your application, not the other way around. 

Custom Auragami Solution

Code Compliance

We can modify Fusion to meet any local / national electric codes, efficiency standards, or safety preferences.