No matter what kind of light source you need we can provide a fully customized solution using our extensive manufacturing abilities and relationships.

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Evo-Lite is the go-to lighting manufacturer for all custom lighting needs.

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What are industrial solutions?

When inventing or designing a new idea, it can be hard to source components that are made specifically for your application. This is where Evo-Lite can help! We'll help you create a lighting source of any size, thickness, brightness, voltage, color temperature, or shape. No matter what your vision is, we can help illuminate it!

Industrial solutions may include illuminating game machines, broadcast studios, movie sets, manufacturing machinery, furniture, tools, inventions, billboard signage, building features, and more.

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What are some examples?

We've worked with many designers on industrial solutions and know what it takes to do it right. In one project we designed illumination for a video conferencing room that illuminates a group in clean, neutral white light.

In another project, we created an LED array assembly that slides into directional marquee signage for entertainment venues. We've also created all-in-one kits that were used to illuminate sections of semi-transparent graphics on billboards. These kits are portable and can be reused when the graphics are updated.

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How does the process work?

Contact our team when you're ready to source a lighting engine for your industrial application. We'll support and guide you from concept to completion so that you end up with a cost-effective, capable lighting solution.

First, we'll explore your idea by discussing the goals and needs of your project - including quantity, budget, and timeline. Next, we'll configure the right product design and specifications to meet those needs. Last, we'll produce the product and get them on their way to your facility. Lead times will vary accordingly.

Your idea + Our capabilities

Below is a list of some of the aspects that we can customize to meet your industrial illumination need. We'll help you integrate the lighting solution and realize your vision.

  • Lighting product shape, size, thickness, light source, and diffusion distances
  • Color temperature and color effects, including brand-specific colors or sequence effects
  • Low voltage or line voltage integration
  • Flexible or rigid designs and PCB material types for safety and durability
  • Special environmental ratings for protection against moisture and contaminants
  • Pre-configured layouts for quick installations
  • Customized mounting solutions of any kind

Industrial Solutions Inquiry

Feel free to give us a call or fill out the form at the right to get started. Please write as many details as possible so we can follow up quickly with a plan of action. Things that are good for us to know include your general idea, timeline, quantity, light specifications, dimensions, location, experience level, occupation, affiliated companies, and budget.

We understand the nature of creating new products and services so you can rest assured that all inquiries are kept strictly confidential. This protection of privacy is automatically in effect any time you contact us through written or verbal means. All website data and forms are secure. Please give us a call if your request is urgent.

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