Learn about product handling, installation, and integration in this comprehensive guide.

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CAUTION: Improper handling may cause damage

LED Waveguide plates can be easily damaged if mishandled. Handle the product on edge like a piece of glass. Allowing the product to flex or bow may result in damage to the internal LED components and reflective backer. 

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Waveguides are fragile

Take as many precautions as possible when handling. This product is made from acrylic which can easily be damaged if not handled properly. Caution should be taken when setting the product on edge as the force of the product contacting a solid surface can result in cracking or chipping.

Be aware of all product wiring. The awareness of the weight of the product in most cases exceeds the awareness of the wiring, which can be easily damaged and or destroyed if not properly managed. Avoid stepping on or snagging hanging wires when unpacking or transporting panels.

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Test before installing

Our production, packaging and shipping process is accompanied by a rigorous quality control procedure. All lighting products are  subjected  to  a  burn  in  period  and  are  tested  during  the  packaging  process  to  ensure  operation  of  the  highest  quality.  

Due  to  possible  unforeseen  issues  with  shipping  and  handling,  we  advise that all products be inspected at time of delivery and tested for proper illumination prior to installation and again before the forward facing material is permanently installed. Be sure to remove the protective film before installing the forward-facing material.

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Do not connect to AC power

A  low  voltage  power  supply  that conforms  to  the  voltage  requirements  of  the  product is required. Never connect this lighting product to AC power. Doing so will destroy the product and void the warranty.

To find a product's voltage requirements, please refer to the specification information included with your order, the label on the back side of the product, and the label on the power supply component.

Any direct connection of the product to AC current will damge the LEDs.

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Power, controls, & wiring

For optimal power distribution and to minimize voltage drop, it is recommended that multi-strand, high strand count wiring be used for all low voltage DC connections. Wire gauge should be appropriate based upon system voltage and wire lengths to further minimize voltage drop.

Install power supplies, drivers, and controls in well ventilated enclosures and per manufacturers' recommendations. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all components and installation practices meet or exceed local codes and requirements.

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Storing the product

Store light panels in a clean, dry area. Keep the product covered to protect it from moisture and dust.

Store on a flat, horizontal surface as vertical storage will cause flexing of the light panel, which may result in damaged LED components and may introduce a memory of the curve in which it was stored.

Ideal storage conditions: Temperature of 68°–77°F (20-25°C), Humidity of 50%.

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Do not get product wet

DRY LOCATION ONLY. Our light panels are rated IP65 which is total protection against dust ingress as well as water projected by a nozzle against the enclosure from any direction for a limited time.

The light panels are not waterproof. Higher IP ratings can be achieved by the inclusion and integration of framing and other materials. Be sure to speak with your account manager when moisture relevant applications are desired. 

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Do not drill or modify

Field drilling the light panel is not recommended and is highly discouraged as damage caused by doing so may result in denial of any warranty claims.

Our light panels can be produced to your specifications. Be sure to provide all details of size, shape, hole size, and placement before ordering. In the event drilling needs to occur, please request documentation and assistance from your account manager.

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Do not cut

Although field cutting of the light panel can be accomplished in extreme cases, it is not recommended and is highly discouraged as any damage at this stage can result in denial of any warranty claims.

Our light panels can be produced to your specifications. Be sure to provide all details of size and shape before ordering. In the event cutting needs to occur, please request documentation and assistance from your account manager.

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Do not use adhesives

The use of adhesives of any type, including double stick (VHB) tape, for the bonding of materials to the light panel or bonding light panels to another surface is strongly discouraged. Direct bonding to the illuminated surface of the light panel can result in visual anomalies. Bonding to the rear reflective layer for mounting purposes can cause failure of the light panel which is not covered under warranty.

Due to installation variances associated with the integration of light panels, standard mounting hardware is not provided. We can help you determine an optimal mounting solution for your application and in some cases provide mounting components when required.

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Installation environment

Installation environments and locations should be taken into consideration due to the characteristics of the acrylic used in our light panels. Wide temperature shifts may cause the acrylic light guide plate to expand and contract at a different rate than the associated components.

In some cases, this expansion and contraction can cause mounting, edge tape and lamination failure. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure these characteristics are accounted for throughout the design and integration of the light panels.

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Keep the protective film intact and in place to help protect the surface of the light panel during transport and installation. For the removal of fingerprints and other extraneous substances, start by lightly blowing or wiping off dust and other particles with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Mild soapy water may be used for the removal of fingerprints being sure not to exert too much pressure as this could cause scratching/marring of the surface.



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