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The original Auragami Flexible Light Sheet entered the market with a variety of category-first innovations. Over the past few years, it's remained one of the most capable light sheets. Available in several single-color white temperatures, tunable white, and RGBW. Dimmable and rated IP65 for a variety of applications.

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TRAX Single color white

Cut / Fold / Connect

The Auragami Flexible Light Sheet offers some of the tightest cutting increments available in the industry and maintains its UL Listing after being cut. Auragami knocks out the competition with single color, tunable white, and RGBW light sheets all being cuttable down to a single LED or LED group.

Since the light sheet is thin and flexible, it can easily fold around edges. Use this feature to navigate around corners or the edges of tables/bar-tops. Simple plug-n-play connections make wiring the light sheet quick and easy.

Custom engineered for performance and usability

Auragami is at the top of the flexible light sheet category in many ways. One of those is the LED spacing – also known as pitch. The tighter the pitch, the better diffused your light will be in your backlighting project. This allows for a compact backlighting assembly with just 3/8" of spatial diffusion required with certain forward-facing materials.

Beyond its performance, the Auragami product line uses simple plug-in-play accessories. These eliminate the need for soldering or hardwiring and greatly speed up installations.

Plus so much more

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Optimized for Class 2

Power up to 8 full light sheets and cover 10 square feet using just one 24VDC Class 2 96W power supply. Many competitors have failed to account for Class 2 restrictions and this most often results in extravagant power supply costs.

Auragami Flexible Light Sheets backlighting glass

Certified for the real world

All Auragami Light Sheets offer a robust IP65 wet-location rating. This makes the light sheet durable and weather-resistant. Auragami leads the category again here with most competitors only offering abysmal IP54 dust-resistant ratings.

Auragami Flexible Light Sheet in single color white, tunable white, and rgbw

Flexible color options

Auragami delivers our fine-tuned color temperatures with incredible color clarity of up to 95+ CRI. Choose between five single color white options, 2700K–6500K Tunable White, dynamic RGB+5300K White, or any customized option.

Auragami with solder free plug in play connectors

Powerful specifications

Auragami offers powerful, energy-efficient lighting with over 800 lumens per square foot. Our light sheet is engineered for a long lifespan (50,000 hours) and doesn't require a heatsink due to the low operating temperature.

Auragami folded

User-friendly mounting

Each light sheet has a high-bonding 3M adhesive backing. This backing allows the light sheet to quickly and easily stick in place during installation. Insert screws through the pre-marked mounting holes for a permanent placement.

Custom Auragami Solution

Factory customizable

No one else offers the level of customization we do! Create the exact product you need by customizing color temperature, energy-efficiency, size, brightness, and more. Minimum order quantities may apply.

The original Auragami Light Sheet

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