The ordering process

Since we are a wholesale company, our ordering process may be a little different than you're used to. The information below will help you know what to expect if this is your first time working with Evo-Lite.

1. Tell us about your Project

We'll get started by collecting the essential details about your project. Depending on the project, we may need engineer drawings, measurements, materials being illuminated, and other helpful information.

Our System Integration Specialists will then review the information and configure the appropriate lighting system for your project. This includes calculating the number of products, power supplies, controls, and components needed for your install.

2. Review & Approve

Once you receive your quote, we suggest having an experienced eye look it over. A contractor or electrician is generally knowledgeable in this area.

It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure all the measurements and details are correct regarding the quote and any drawings. If you approve an inaccurate quote or drawing, you may be responsible for the replacement cost. We'll do our best to mitigate any issues we see but we are not on the job site so we can only go off the info you share with us.

3. Place your order

Once all details and concerns are addressed we will get your order placed. Some of our products are built-to-order and may require a few weeks to manufacture. Other products are stocked in our local warehouse and will ship promptly.

In general, it is best to order with as much lead time as possible. We suggest 1-3 months notice for most small to medium-scale projects. The time frame may vary due to quantity, project complexity, and testing.

Helpful information

We are a wholesale company and do not charge sales tax

We typically sell to the trades as a wholesale manufacturer. This means we do not collect sales tax. Therefore, all buyers must have a sales tax license. This is often referred to as a reseller’s license, seller’s permit, vendor’s license, or resale certificate.

In the event that you do not have the ability to attain this license, we can route the sale through a local distributor that will collect the sales tax. This scenario often comes into play when end-users such as freelance artists and homeowners choose to install our products themselves.

If you are employing a contractor (electrician, carpenter, stone fabricator, etc.) for your backlighting project, we can most often route the sale through them. In many cases this allows us to offer our products at a better price than if we were to sell to you through our local distributor! 

The earlier you bring us into the conversation, the better

Getting Evo-Lite involved early on in your lighting project is a smart move. There may be important aspects to your project that you don't even know about – like spatial diffusion distances or advanced mounting methods. Our team of System Integration Specialists do an incredible job of guiding customers through project scenarios. However, we can't address potential issues if they are not brought to our attention. Unplanned emergencies will result in unnecessary expenses, project delays, and most importantly - upset clients. Don't let your electrician or carpenter discover a major issue that could have been easily avoided by having a simple conversation with us beforehand.

Most projects require dimensional drawings

Since our light panels are custom made to order, we need exact engineer drawings (CAD files or similar) to build them correctly. We are not able create light panels with estimated dimensions or based on guesses. All sides of your drawings must be marked accurately and clearly. Even simple squares and rectangles should have these drawings. There is no reason to risk your project being delayed due to incorrect dimensions. We are happy to give you a rough estimate for your project if final dimensions are unknown.

Our TRAX and Auragami products may be customized in the field and do not necessarily require engineer drawings. However, it is still necessary to provide accurate dimensions for us to establish the quantity of products your project will require. We do have limits to our return policy and restocking fees are standard. The best way to avoid these is to provide us with accurate dimensions.

We offer unparalleled support for our products

We are a lighting solutions provider and go above and beyond to ensure your installation is a success. With that said, we are not responsible for anything outside of the products we provide. While we are happy to offer general advice and guidance, the work done by your stone fabricator, project coordinator, contractor, electrician, or any other party is their responsibility.

We recommend that you use well-reviewed, professional trades to install your project. While our products are user-friendly, nearly every installation issue that has occurred was because someone who lacked the necessary experience decided to DIY their project. Lean on the experience of the professional trades and your project will turn out as incredible as you imagined.

Select a forward-facing material before doing anything

spatial diffusion
This diagram shows the typical spatial diffusion required for light panels, light sheets, and reticular arrays. Spatial diffusion varies according to the transparency levels of forward-facing materials.

A forward-facing material is a semi-translucent material that you wish to backlight. A variety of natural and fabricated materials are available. This is where you should start your backlighting project as the material will have an effect on the solution we provide. Order a lighting sample from us and bring it with you to the showroom to see how different materials react to light. Another great tip is to take the slab or material outside and look at it against the sun. This will give you a great idea of how it will look when backlit.

No matter what you choose, find a material you love and we will help create the perfect solution for it. Head over to your local stone showroom or get in touch with the experts of your material of choice to view samples.

Common Forward-Facing Materials:

  • Stone: onyx, quartzite
  • Glass: painted, architectural, tempered, frosted
  • Graphics: semi-transparent photography/film, vinyl, lithophanes
  • Acrylic: frosted, colored, stylized
  • Textiles: stretched membrane, stretched fabric
  • Manufactured stone and resins
  • Wood, cutouts
  • Transparent veneers
  • Reverse cut / push-through dimensional letters

Ordering timelines

Our Fusion Waveguide Light Panels are custom-built to order. Production timelines typically start at 2-3 weeks but will vary depending on quantity, size, volume of orders, and other factors. It is best to give yourself plenty of lead time to avoid any delays in your project. Priority rush options may be available depending your order's specific factors.

The Auragami Flexible Light Sheet and TRAX Arrays are stocked in our warehouse in Arvada, Colorado. These products can be shipped within a day or two of payment. Large orders may require additional time. We also stock a variety of power supplies, controls, and accessories.

Will call pickup

We offer Will Call Pickup for local customers near the Denver Metro area of Colorado. Please let your Evo-Lite contact know if you’d like to pick up an order. We will give you a call or send an email letting you know when your order has been processed and is ready for pickup. Feel free to let us know in advance (24 hours minimum) when you’d like to pick up an order and we will do our best to coordinate with you. Visits to Evo-Lite are by appointment only.

Our product offering

Head over to specific product pages to learn everything there is to know about them. Below is a general reference guide on our main product line. Most of our products are offered in several single color white color temperatures, 2700K–6500K tunable white , and RGB+5300K White. We also offer custom colors with an MOQ. Ask for details.

Fusion Light Panels: State of the art light panel using the latest advances in LED technology and light refraction science.
LumiSheet Edgelit Light Panels: low-profile solution, great diffusion, custom-made to order. 
Auragami FLexible Light Sheets: can be cut to size/shape at the job site, offer easy plug n’ play connections, quick-ship item, stocked in warehouse.
TRAX Reticular Arrays: Can be cut to length or snapped to size at the job site, great for larger installs, quick-ship item, stocked in warehouse.

We stock a wide variety of lighting controls and power supplies, but can also source nearly any item from our global partnerships. Let us know what you’d like to do with your lights (dimming, color sequence effects, etc.) and we will make sure you have the right components for success. In addition, we can create customized lighting products of nearly any form. We are happy to help with industrial applications, product integration, and any other scenario where you need a lighting component in your device/product.

Please contact us if you have any questions!