Rail Mounting Kit

The proprietary TRAX Rail Mounting Kit (RMK) is an incredible accessory that will help reduce labor costs while improving alignment and consistency. Use the TRAX RMK to quickly illuminate large flat surfaces in both horizontal and vertical applications.

  • Each Rail Mounting Kit fits one 24" x 96" TRAX Array
  • Components snap together for easy assembly
  • Provides a rigid structure that's great for overhead applications
  • Greatly simplifies installations
  • Improves alignment and consistency
  • Time-saving and labor-reducing

Key Features

The TRAX Rail Mounting Kit is the best mounting system ever created in this product segment.

The TRAX Rail Mounting Kit is assembled with simple snapping components.

A true time-saver

Save time and money during the installation phase of your next project with the Rail Mounting Kit. No learning curve necessary. All components snap together for a movement-free assembly.

Installs are super simple with the TRAX Rail Mounting Kit

Installs simplified

Assemble the Rail Mounting Kit, snap the TRAX Array into the rails, and snap the assembly into place on your mounting surface – it's that easy!

The TRAX Rail Mounting Kit helps with alignment during installation

Improved alignment

Drop a laser line or chalk line across your mounting surface and let the Rail Mounting Kit help keep your installation square and consistent from array to array.

Cut the Rail Mounting Kit to size

Cut to size

Each Rail Mounting Kit fits one full 24" x 96" array. When working with shorter array lengths, simply cut the aluminum rails on the job site for a perfect fit.

TRAX Rail Mounting Kit is perfect for flat surfaces

Ideal for flat surfaces

The Rail Mounting Kit is the perfect time-saving tool when working with flat installation surfaces. It immediately pays for itself with remarkable savings on time and labor costs.

TRAX illuminates car dealership showroom

Solid, long-lasting structure

The rigid structure of the Rail Mounting Kit prevents the product from sagging in overhead, horizontal applications. It will also eliminate any movement of the array over time in vertical installs.