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Animation Station

Location: OliOli® | An Experiential Children's Play Museum in Doha, Qatar

Created By: Amanda Long Studio

Featured Product: Light Panels

Backlit Material: N/A


Animation Station (2023) interactive video installation and smart sculpture. The Animation Station functions as an art making kiosk. Participants of all ages are invited to create a stop motion animation from toys and collage materials. Stop motion is a great tinkering activity where learners can imagine scenes, iterate on animation techniques and create amazing movies with simple materials. Objects are physically manipulated in small increments between individually photographed frames so that they will appear to exhibit independent motion, change or come alive when the series of frames is played back. The stop motion animation stations do not require any staff for the participants to operate.

All ages can play and multiple people can work at once. The five buttons are instinctive and the results instant visually for: record, play, onion skin, upload, and delete. The kiosks have been built once before for OliOli in Doha Qatar. Over 10,000 movies have been recorded and shared. The animations can be set to play by pressing the color arcade buttons. A QR code exports the animation to the viewer. The animations are stored in an archive and can be played back on another screen too for sharing with the public. Multiple kiosks can be built and can be put in different locations or located together.