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Faux Skylights & Illuminated Columns

Location: Florida, USA

Created By: Michael Cignarella The Electric Design Company (Chatham, NJ)

Featured Product: Auragami Flexible Light Sheet

Backlit Material: Lumicor Acrylic Sheets


"All the Skylights are backlit. All of the illuminated columns were custom-designed and made on site. The large Japanese wall sconces were made on site by our metal fabricator. We used Evo-Lite light panels for all lights and Lumicor Acrylic sheets as the forward facing material. We also had some Lumicor custom printed to match the tin ceiling."

Michael's team did a superb job with the design, illumination, and execution of these skylights and wall sconces. The virtual skylights help open up dark areas, creating a perceptual trick of natural lighting and space. The custom-built illuminated columns/wall sconces were thoughtfully designed with easy access to the light panels. The Electric Design Company serves a wide area including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, and many other places.