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Massive Backlit Island & Nook

Location: Naples, Florida

Created By: EBL Interiors & Construction, Marble com, Inc., Day One Lighting

Featured Product: RGBW Light Panels

Backlit Material: Cristallo Quartzite Natural Stone


This Cristallo island is over 17’ long. We had to use a crane to get this material into the unit. The color-changing panels were designed precisely - down to the millimeter! The lighting app allows the client to specify the exact RGB code - in other words,select any color imaginable! They love it!

“We could not have accomplished this without the team of talented professionals we had on our side! Our late installer Marty played a huge role in seeing this project come to fruition. Also our team Paul, Chris, Nevin, Taylor, Carolina. Our skilled stone supplier & fabricator took our vision and made it a reality! As did our lighting supplier, Dayone Lighting who worked with us patiently to be sure these un-cuttable, non-refundable panels were produced correctly.”