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San Marcos Luxury Kitchen

Location: San Marcos, California, USA

Created By: Señor Granite (installer), Park Industries (fabricator)

Featured Product: Auragami Flexible Light Sheet

Backlit Material: Alpine White Quartzite by Brazilian Exotic Granite


"Our clients are extremely happy with the final product. At the beginning they were only thinking of lighting a small section of the stone but changed their mind after I showed him how the entire Alpine White quartzite slab was very translucent. I then showed him the Auragami Light Sheets, which we have used in other projects before. They were uncertain about what color temperature to go with, luckily you guys make the tunable white which made the decision very easy."

The Auragami Tunable White Light Sheet offers a range of 2700K to 6500K. This feature lets the homeowners set the color temperature to relaxing warm white or energizing bright white while also helping to render the best tones from the natural stone.