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The Woodlands RGBW

Location: The Woodlands, TX, USA

Created By: GrizzlyTec, Ramirez Photography

Featured Product: Auragami Flexible Light Sheets RGBW

Backlit Material: Cristallo Quartzite


ElevateYour Home with Grizzly Tec and Auragami LED Lighting. At Grizzly Tec, we're excited to showcase our latest project featuring Auragami's innovative RGBW LEDLight Sheets. These RGBW light sheets offer billions of colors, allowing Grizzly Tec to craft custom ambiance settings for any occasion. Whether it's a soothing blue for relaxation or a lively red for entertainment, these light sheets adapt to your mood, controlled seamlessly through Grizzly Tec's integrated smart systems. Grizzly Tec’s commitment to sustainable solutions is reflected in this project, where style meets eco-friendly innovation.