Introducing AmbienTech Controls

Published on:
March 13, 2023

A new lighting control standard

Controls are often the most complicated part of a lighting system. Understanding how to wire, sync, and use lighting controls can confuse many – even the professionals. This is why we are excited to offer AmbienTech's easy-to-use dimmers and smart lighting wall switches. 

AmbienTech DimTech, WarmTech, DimTone lighting controls

What's available?

Evo-Lite currently offers AmbienTech control solutions for single-color-white and tunable white lighting products. These wireless LED light switches provide a traditional appearance and form factor, similar to the popular Lutron dimmers. They feature a standard on/off toggle with straightforward lighting control sliders.

These controls are an excellent solution for most residential and small-scale commercial lighting projects. The DimTech Wall Switch is perfect for easy single-color lighting control and dimming. The DimTone Wall Switch offers complete tunable white lighting control with an on/off toggle, dimming slider, and adjustable CCT slider. For the advanced dim-to-warm lighting effect, we offer the WarmTech Wall Switch that also works with any of our tunable white LED products. 

AmbienTech DriveTech and DriveTone LED Drivers power supplies

These controls are paired wirelessly with the AmbienTech LED Drivers using a standard RF signal. For standard dimming applications, use the DriveTech LED Driver. For dim-to-warm or tunable white lighting control, use the DriveTone LED Driver. 

These 24VDC drivers feature built-in channel control – eliminating the need for extra receiver devices. Simply plug your tunable white or single-color product into the LED driver and connect the wall switch!

AmbienTech DriveTone wire setup

Smart lighting made easy

AmbienTech's controls pair with the SmartAir App for lighting control from the convenience of your smart device. This built-in smart functionality adds another dimension to your lighting system. It offers advanced features that you will really enjoy using day in and day out.

The app allows one to turn the lights on/off, dim, color tune, create presets, group lighting zones, and even set circadian rhythm effects. The automated biorhythms feature is one of the most remarkable effects built into the system. Use this feature to set your tunable lights to warm white in the morning and gradually fade them into bright white in the afternoon. Then, when you're ready to relax for the evening, your lights can automatically change back to calming, warm white.

How complicated is installation? 

Installing AmbienTech's Smart Lighting Wall Switches is a pain-free process. The simple pairing process is completed in just a few seconds. The wireless connection between the control and LED Driver means that you may install the wall switch in any location and not worry about making a hardwired connection. All controls offer the ability to create hardwire connections if desired. Access AmbienTech's specifications and instructions here.

When it comes time to powering the devices, both the control and driver can receive standard 120VAC line voltage. As a result, there is no need for a low-voltage transformer between line voltage and the control, making the installation even easier.

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