Auragami Gen 2 Debuts

Published on:
February 15, 2024

Light sheets evolved

The second generation of Auragami (AG2) debuts as a testament to the power of imagination, engineering, and determination. We have harnessed years of research, enriched by the wisdom of customer insights and validated by the rigors of real-world testing, to craft a masterpiece that propels the light sheet category to unprecedented heights.

Auragami Gen 2 is more than a product; it is the embodiment of our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and creating the extraordinary. Read on to learn about AG2, the pinnacle of light sheet technology.

Innovations for the next generation

The first iteration of Auragami was an instant success. Its performance, reliability, and ease of installation made it the go-to light sheet for thousands of trade professionals. Still, we learned a lot over the past few years and applied those lessons to the research and development of the new light sheet. We ended up with several category-first improvements that we feel will keep Auragami firmly in place as the best light sheet available for years to come.

New light sheet connections

AG2 light sheets have newly designed light sheet terminals and connectors. The first of their kind, these connections snap securely in place for incredible, long-lasting performance in both dry and wet locations. They resist corrosion and moisture ingress better than any other light sheet. Exclusive only to Auragami – no other manufacturer has this patented technology.

Improved light sheet protective layer

The AG2 flexible light sheet now has an improved, ultra-thick protective coating. It is the most substantial coating ever applied to an LED light sheet and required us to create a specialized manufacturing process. We made this upgrade to provide a higher level of liquid and damage resistance while also being easier to clean. Once again, you will only find this feature on AG2.

New double cut line path

Replacing AG1’s single-cut line, the new double-cut line path makes it easier than ever to shape the Auragami Gen 2 Light Sheet. Simply make a clean, straight cut using a sharp blade or scissors within the safe-zone cut line path. This innovation will help speed up installs and improve accuracy.

Better forward-facing material support

AG2's brand new, patented Quad Spacing Bumpers are another category first. An Evo-Lite exclusive, our new bumpers support 4X the weight of the first-generation (up to 1600 lbs.). In addition, they allow for direct mechanical fastening to the light sheet and substrate. You can now mount both the light sheet and bumpers with a single action. The new design also allows for heavy forward-facing materials to be slid into place, making installs much more labor-friendly.

Predrilled mounting holes

AG2’s predrilled mounting holes help with the placement of mounting screws and also prevent potential sheet damage. Insert a fastener through the hole to secure the product. This feature, in addition to the quad spacing bumpers and high-bonding 3M adhesive, makes mounting light sheets a breeze.

Extended range tunable white

The second generation of Auragami Tunable White (TW) debuts with the most extensive selectable CCT range ever engineered in a light sheet. Choose from relaxing 1800K warm candlelight to focused, energizing 6500K bright white. Pair Auragami TW with powerful LED controls from LTech or Ambientech for easy smartphone integration.

Other notable changes

The updated 12” x 24” size makes fitting areas with standard North American building material dimensions much simpler. Half sheets measure 12” x 12” with connectors around the entire square. Cutting increments measure 3/4” (AG2 SC/TW), 1.0” (AG2 RGBW), or 1.5” (AG2 Basic) – which further eases the planning and laying out of the light sheet system. AG2 can now cover up to 10ft2 in one 24VDC circuit.

The Auragami Gen 2 product line features two performance options, AG2 Standard and AG2 Basic (AG2B). The standard version offers all the latest advancements, while the basic version was designed as a cost-effective alternative. Both light sheet grades consume 17.2 watts and produce up to 1,720 lumens for a solid 100 lumens/watt efficiency. AG2B employs the original Auragami Gen 1 connectors and has no protective light sheet coating. This helps reduce costs for installations in dry locations.

Both performance options are available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 1800–6500K extended range tunable white, and RGB + 5000K white. The Basic line also has a 175° lensed option for all single-color white temperatures.

In review

We took one of the best light sheet products available and made improvements to every facet possible. After many years of development, we are thrilled to let Auragami set the bar again and become the gold standard for years to come.

Ready to specify AG2 on your next project?

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