Introducing The TRAX Reticular Backlighting System

Published on:
November 18, 2020

Introducing the TRAX Product Line

The TRAX Reticular Backlighting System is laying a new track through the lighting world, introducing never before seen features to a product segment that has become stale and forgettable. Rethink medium to large-scale architectural lighting applications. Rethink field-customizability. Rethink installation costs and complexity. Rethink dingy offices, showrooms, and boring building exteriors.

Measuring 24 inches by 96 inches, the TRAX Array is conveniently sized for working with standard building material dimensions. Offering the perfect balance of power, energy-efficiency, and field-customization, TRAX is arguably the most capable lighting tool in this segment.

The TRAX Array is available in single color white, single color white with lens, tunable white, and RGBW. TRAX Single Color White (SCW) and Single Color White With Lens (SCWWL) are available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, and 5300K. TRAX Tunable White (TW) offers a color temperature range of relaxing 2700K warm white to energizing 6500K bright white. TRAX RGBW (RGBW) offers over 4 billion colors along with a dedicated 5300K white.

Each 24V DC TRAX Array is IP65 wet location rated, cULus Listed, CE compliant, and RoHS compliant. The Array is built from a cascading series of 64 modifiable LED bars – each producing up to 147 lumens while using just 1.34 watts. We optimized TRAX for Class 2 compliance, running each Array at a maximized 86 watts – leaving a recommended headroom of 10% for power supply longevity.


Rounding out the TRAX Product line is the optional TRAX Rail Mounting Kit (RMK). Use the Rail Mounting Kit to save time and improve alignment when mounting the TRAX Array to flat surfaces.

The Features That Re-invent Large Scale Lighting Products

One of the most distinctive features is the ability to customize the shape of the TRAX Array in the field. Shaping it is literally a snap. Each LED bar offers a snap-to-size feature with snapping segments between every single LED / LED Group.

Furthermore, the TRAX Array may be cut to length with a simple snip of the wires between the LED bars. Rest assured that no matter how the TRAX Array is shaped, it will maintain its UL Listing. There is no other product available in the medium to large-scale lighting segment that offers this level of field-customizability.

install image

To be sure, these shaping features offer an incredible advantage over the similarly styled lattice and curtain lighting products. We could have called it good then and there. Yet Evo-Lite has never been interested in just meeting industry standards. Our calling is to set new standards. To raise the bar. To make every aspect of our products the best that technology can produce.

CRI 95+

We looked at a product segment with color rendering standards of 80 CRI and pushed TRAX up to a CRI of 95+. We rethought brightness not by how many watts we could pump into our product but by finding the perfect balance of energy-efficiency and scale. We took low-level dimming standards to a new low (that’s good) with the industry’s most stringent LED binning and post-production quality assurance procedures. This means our LEDs all react equally to extremely low light levels.

Class 2 compliance can get tricky when building large lighting systems. We took this into account when engineering the TRAX line. With one 24V TRAX Array (86 watts) per Class 2 circuit (96W), it could not be any easier to build a large Class 2 compliant system.

Another major area of focus during our research and development was making TRAX installations simple and cost-effective. We accomplished this in a few ways. First, we added four 12-inch wire leads so that installers can run power from wherever it is most convenient. These wire leads are color-coded to help eliminate any confusion when wiring them to power or multi-channel control components.

Next, we took a look at the best ways to mount the TRAX Array. We ended with two great mounting options that avoid the dreaded installation learning curve when working with new lighting products.

The first mounting option involves utilizing the built-in wire mounting clips that are standard on every TRAX Array. These clips provide mounting holes where one can insert mechanical fasteners, directly attaching each LED bar to the mounting surface. This method works especially well when dealing with curved installation surfaces.

RMK install

The second mounting option makes use of the Rail Mounting Kit (RMK). Evo-Lite strongly recommends using the RMK when working with flat surfaces. Although this accessory is sold separately, it immediately pays for itself in the variety of benefits gained from its use. Rail Mounting Kits greatly reduce installation time and labor while improving fixture alignment and consistency.

Each kit fits one full, standard-sized 24″ by 96″ TRAX Array and is assembled with components that conveniently snap together. Installation is as easy as sliding the rails together, attaching the mounting clips to your installation surface, and then clicking your TRAX Array in place! This means that one worker can quickly install dozens of Arrays accurately and consistently in no time at all.

Working with horizontal/ceiling applications? The RMK delivers in this scenario as well. Click the TRAX Array into the assembled RMK and then snap the entire assembly into place on the ceiling. No need to worry about the product sagging or having to work with your arms up and neck craned for long periods of time.

Make TRAX Your Own

Evo-Lite can provide a level of customization that few other lighting suppliers can match. We understand that unique installations sometimes call for unique lighting solutions. Take advantage of Evo-Lite’s customization program and make TRAX your own by specifying voltage, color temperature, IP Rating, LED pitch/placement, LED bar length/spacing/PCB material, wattage, and brightness. The best part is that no matter how you customize TRAX, it always maintains its UL Listing. Minimum order quantities apply.

The New Gold Standard

We’ve engineered a product that is better in every possible way from what currently exists in the market. The TRAX Reticular LED Lighting System debuts as the new gold standard for medium to large-scale backlighting projects and we can’t wait to see it make its mark on the lighting world.

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