LTECH UB Series Lighting Controls

Published on:
April 26, 2023

The LTECH UB Series is now available.

The LTECH UB Series is a Bluetooth mesh-enabled lighting control system that combines smart device functionality with easy-to-use touch panel wall controls. The LHOME App, available for Apple and Android devices, grants users control from the convenience of their phone or tablet.

The UB Series uses a hardwired DMX 512 and/or wireless Bluetooth Mesh 5.0 connection. The Bluetooth mesh technology helps bounce command signals across the system of devices. This helps create reliable signals and provides control over greater distances than standard wireless systems.

About the LHOME App

The LTECH LHOME App offers a variety of advanced features. These include built-in color sequence effects, audio-reactive effects, lighting groups, preset scenes, standard dimming, color tuning, and dynamic RGBW control. The app is easy to use and makes it simple for the entire family to join the account and control the system.

The LTECH UB Product Line

Evo-Lite currently stocks LTECH Touch Panel Wall Controls for single color, tunable white, and RGBW. These lighting interfaces pair with the LTECH B5 LED Controller through a wireless Bluetooth Mesh connection or a hardwired DMX connection.

The LTECH UB1 Touch Panel Wall Control is designed for use with single-color white products. It offers on/off, LED dimming, brightness shortcuts, zone control, and customizable preset scenes.

The UB2 Touch Panel controls tunable white LED lighting products. It offers super-smooth color tuning and pairs perfectly with Evo-Lite's tunable white Auragami light sheets and TRAX reticular arrays. This LED control also provides an independent dimming slider, color tone shortcuts, zone control, and customizable preset scenes.

The UB4 Touch Panel offers great functionality for RGBW lighting systems. This wall control provides standard features like dimming, scenes, zones, and full-range RGBW color control. The dynamic mode button activates 16 different color sequence effects. The RGB quick select button makes it easy to set and dim solid red, green, and blue tones. Finally, the white color select button provides an easy way to dim and turn the white diodes on/off independently from the RGB LEDs.

We do not stock LTECH's UB3 (RGB) and UB5 (RGBTW) wall controls as we don't currently offer those lighting products. However, we can source these items for those needing a supplier for LTECH products. Each Touch Panel Wall Control comes with a free low-voltage power supply when ordering from Evo-Lite – saving you money and simplifying your install.

Setup Configurations

The LTECH UB Series is relatively straightforward to set up. There are a few configuration options that offer flexibility for the user. For example, one can choose smart device control only, smart device and wall control, hardwired DMX control, and DMX with smart device control.

We created a few resources that can help guide you and streamline the installation process. Check out the LHome App Guide or watch the comprehensive Quick Start video below to see how it works. 

If you're interested in learning more head over to the main LTECH UB Series web page where you can access specifications and instructions.

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