Case Study: Bendheim Turnkey System

Published on:
January 23, 2024

Creating a scalable lighting solution for an existing product

Bendheim required a thoughtfully designed lighting product to fit their existing Turnkey infrastructure. It needed to be compact, easily diffused through various glass transparency levels, and have an integrated mounting system that could hook into their existing system rails. Last, they wanted to work with an American manufacturer that could provide a product at an economical price point.

What they needed / what we delivered
• Fit existing infrastructure
• Slim build - can't increase feature depth
• Work with any level glass transparency
• Energy-efficient design for low operating costs
• Long lifespan LEDs - rated for many years of maintenance-free use
• Econmocial pricepoint for easy add-ons
• A variety of beautiful white temperatures, tunable white, and RGBW color options.

Delivering the results through collaboration

Evo-Lite was the perfect partner for this need. Not only could we meet all their needs, but we were happy to work with them each step of the way. This allowed us to pass ideas, physical concepts, and advancements  back and forth until everything worked just right. We ended up with a scalable solution that minimizes labor costs and energy requirements - saving money upfront and in the long term.

The light panel build consists of a specially designed J-channel that is fabricated and fitted to our Fusion Light Panel. The Fusion Light Panel has an optimized light guide plate that provides easily diffused, hot-spot-free illumination. The light guide plate works so well that it can be used with any forward-facing glass transparency level.

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