AmbienTech's SleekTone Now Available!

Published on:
June 15, 2023

SleekTone by AmbienTech

The SleekTone Smart Controller is a new device by AmbienTech that makes it incredibly easy to add smart control to your LED lighting system. This simple device is wired between your low-voltage power supply and lighting products. Once installed, the user can connect and control the system with any of AmbienTech's Smart Wall Switches, the SmartAir App, or both.

SleekTone at a glance

• Use with your single-color and tunable white lighting products
• SmartAir App is available on the App Store and Google Play
• Use the app to set biorhythms or other automated schedules
• Works independently as a stand-alone unit or with AmbienTech's Smart Wall Switches
• Offers smooth dimming, tunable white, and dim-to-warm control
• Available with a junction box or alone
• Complies with IEEE + Title 24 flicker requirements

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Why we are stoked to have this in stock!

The SleekTone solves and simplifies a few issues with lighting systems. One of the best things about using this device is that we can pair it with our 5-in-1 Dimmable LED Drivers

These drivers are available in one, two, or four 96W circuits. Each circuit can connect to a SleekTone and therefore provides an easy wireless connection to your smart device or AmbienTech Wall Switch. In the past, we had to specify a single 96W AmbienTech combo driver for each circuit – increasing costs and installation time.

Another massive benefit gained by the SleekTone's use is that we can now easily update older systems with smart device functionality. Simply insert the SleekTone and connect the app!

We've already touched on this last feature but it's worth repeating. The SleekTone offers wireless control. Backing up a bit – traditional lighting systems require that the wall control is physically wired to the lights or driver. Running new wires can add a great deal of expense to a remodel project. The SleekTone allows one to place their smart wall switch anywhere in the application without the need to run control wires. It uses reliable WiFi/RF signals to communicate between the control and the lights. 

In conclusion

AmbienTech's products truly simplify installations, saving everyone time, money, and headaches. Check out more information on the SleekTone over at

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