Auragami Gets Updated with Tunable White and RGBW

Published on:
July 13, 2020

The next generation of the industry’s best light sheet is here

The patented Auragami Flexible LED Light Sheet by Evo-Lite first hit the market in 2018 and was quickly recognized as one of the industry’s best lighting tools – becoming an IES Progress Report Selection and Sapphire Awards finalist. Auragami was the world’s first flexible light sheet that maintained its UL Listing even after being cut.

Over 20,000 light sheets were sold in the first full year with ZERO reported failures. Auragami was specified and installed in thousands of incredible projects across the world – from Hollywood film sets to skyscrapers in Dubai. We knew we had a very special product that was incredibly easy to use while also being scalable, powerful, and energy-efficient.

Single Color White
Tunable White

The new Auragami AG1 Series launches with an exciting lineup of new CCT options and customizability. In addition to Single Color White (SCW), Auragami is now available in Tunable White (TW) with an adjustable CCT range of 2700K to 6500K and RGB+5300K White (RGBW).

The 24V DC Auragami Flexible LED Light Sheet is cULus Listed, CE Compliant, RoHS Certified, and Class 2 Rated. Each 19.8″ by 9.25″ (503.5mm x 235mm) sheet produces up to 1100 lumens while using just 11 watts. In addition, Auragami has a CRI of 95+ and is IP65 Wet Location Rated.

Several important features help separate Auragami from the competition:

  • Industry’s tightest pitch – up to 664 LEDs per square foot (TW)
  • UL Listed – even when cut
  • Advanced cuttability offers the ability to remove an LED or LED group from anywhere on the sheet
  • Energy efficient with each LED using less than 0.03 watts
  • Close proximity backlighting – evenly backlight certain materials with as little as 3/8″ of clearance
  • Easy installations with cut-fold-connect functionality
  • Cover 10 square feet and maintain NEC Class 2 guidelines
  • Plug and play connections make building a system quick and easy
  • In-stock availability offers minimal lead times for projects
  • Customize CCT, wattage, voltage, lumens, shape, size, and more (with MOQ)

Single Color White (AG1-24-27 / 30 / 35 / 41/ 53)

Single Color White

The Single Color White (SCW) light sheet has not seen any changes itself. It still offers the same configuration, color temperatures, and performance that have made it a favorite among lighting professionals.

However, Evo-Lite did take this opportunity to make a few accessory changes. Each sheet originally included a power input kit (PIK). This ended up creating some waste as one PIK can power up to 8 light sheets – often resulting in the disposal of extra power input components. The PIK is now sold separately, helping us keep product costs affordable while eliminating unnecessary waste.

The only other change to the Single Color White package is a new and improved wire clip. This new clip has been implemented across the entire Auragami line. It now has a hole for mechanical fasteners and a much stronger silicone adhesive, guaranteeing that these clips stay firmly in place.

Tunable White (AG1-24-TW)

Auragami Tunable White

An exciting new addition to the Auragami product line, Tunable White (TW) is capable of a color temperature range of 2700K-6500K. Tunable white lighting has become a popular trend as more research is completed on circadian rhythm and how light affects us throughout the day. Warm whites (e.g. 2700K) have been shown to have a calming effect while cool whites (e.g. 6500K) are energizing and can provide focus.

Tunable white lighting can also be a powerful tool when backlighting semi-translucent materials. Many materials have natural hues that can be affected by the color of the backlighting. For example, a cool white may give a warmer stone like onyx a greenish tint. Tunable White solves this issue by allowing the user to adjust the backlighting color temperature so that the most desirable hues of the surface material are rendered in stunning detail.

RGB + White (AG1-24-RGBW)

Auragami RGBW

The all-new RGBW Auragami Light Sheet is a truly powerful lighting product that is far ahead of the competition. Auragami RGBW can render over FOUR BILLION colors. With a nearly infinite color palette, you are only limited by your imagination.

Evo-Lite’s RGBW light sheet uses dedicated red, green, blue, and 5300K white diodes. Auragami RGBW allows the user to cut out a single LED group anywhere on the sheet without consequence. This advanced cuttability means that you can shape the Auragami RGBW Light Sheet over 1.6 novemdecillion different ways (2^200 = 1.6069 x 10E60-1).

Superior cuttability

Many competitors offer a cumbersome RGBW cuttability of every 6 LED groups (figure 1). This results in blotchy illumination with dead spots being unavoidable between the edges, along curves (figure 2), and when an obstruction occurs mid-sheet (figure 3).

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