Evo-Lite adds key pieces to team

Published on:
February 28, 2023

We've experienced substantial growth over the past year

Evo-Lite has added several new key pieces to our organization. As we move forward these new additions will help bolster our reputation as the leader in backlighting technology and integration.

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avatar Ben | CNC Operator

Background: Ben has extensive experience as a CNC operator and programmer for custom woodworking, cabinetry, exhibits, and mechanical applications.
About Me: He was born in Vermont and moved to the Rockies to ski and try something new.
Favorites: Movie: The Big Lebowski, Band: Primus, Comedian: Doug Stanhope.

avatar Clint | Director of Operations

Background: Clint has been around the construction industry his entire life as his father was a commercial masonry contractor. He began his professional career as an electrical engineer and worked his way up over the years into various management and operations roles.
About Me: Clint is a Colorado native and likes to hike, backpack, ski, fly fish, read, and spend time with his family and dogs.
Favorites: Music: 90s grunge and hard rock, Bands: Tool and Primus, Books: Dystopian novels.

avatar Cole | Solutions Support Technician

Background: Cole got into electronics by repairing guitars and effects pedals when he was younger. He has worked in several technical positions including supporting smart city infrastructure here in Denver.
About Me: He grew up in a small town in Tennessee and also spent time in Nashville before moving to Denver. He enjoys spending his free time playing music and jamming with friends.
Favorites: Band: The Beatles, Sports: Tennessee Vols football and Nashville Predators hockey.

avatar James | Production

Background: James worked in the construction industry for 27 years in several different trades. At Evo-Lite he is responsible for shipping and recieving duties, and helps with product assembly and production.
About Me: Outside work James enjoys spending time with his kids, grandkids, disc golfing, hiking, and is an avid E-bike rider.
Favorites: Movie Genre: horror movies.

avatar Joe | Sales Support

Background: Before joining Evo-Lite, Joe worked at Arrow Electronics and was also a master technician for Peloton. His customer service experience helps make him a great fit supporting our sales team.
About Me: He spends his free time playing the drums in a few local Denver bands, camping, video games, and doing photography.
Favorites: Movie: Walk Hard, Music Genre: Metal, Comedian: Shane Gillis, Sports Teams: Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche.

avatar Jon | Director of Sales

Background: Jon joins us with a great deal of experience leading the sales efforts at a few different architectural and industrial lighting manufacturers. He has an impressive track record of success leading inside, outside, and national sales efforts.
About Me: Outside of work, Jon enjoys playing in the mountains with his kids, backcountry skiing and climbing, fly fishing, traveling, and whitewater rafting.
Favorites: Movie: Fight Club, Band: Sublime (90s surf punk/ska), Comedian: Tom Segura, Sports Team: Denver Broncos.

avatar Nancy | Accounting Administrator

Background: Nancy has brought a wealth of accounting, purchasing, and office management experience to the team. At Evo-Lite she helps with order processing and accounting.
About Me: She is a Denver native and enjoys hiking, walking, bike riding, sewing, and playing board games with her grandson.
Favorites: Movie: The Wizard of Oz, musicals, and dramas, Music: all kinds, live music.

avatar Shaye | System Integration Apprentice

Background: Shaye previously worked as a lighting designer and master electrician for theatre, dance, music, and other live productions.
About Me: Another Colorado native, Shaye enjoys watching hockey, EDM concerts, legos, gaming, and spending time with his cat Kenai.
Favorites: Sports Team: The Colorado Avalanche.

avatar Tristan | System Integration Apprentice

Background: Before joining Evo-Lite Tristan was a stage and event electrician. He has experience in graphic design, signage, and sales.
About Me: Tristan was born and raised in Denver and spends his free time gaming, drawing, and tinkering with his car.
Favorites: Movie: Cabin in the Woods (horror movies), Music Genre: EDM, Comedian: Donald Glover, Sports Team: The Colorado Avalanche.

avatar Wade | System Integration Specialist

Background: Wade has a background in customer service, operation management, and remodel construction.
About Me: Wade has lived all over the United States – born in the midwest, raised in Florida, and has been in Colorado for over 20 years. He enjoys spending time with his teenagers and cooking amazing food for them.
Favorites: Movie: The Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka.

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