Evo-Lite Collaborates with Daylite Windows

Published on:
November 9, 2023

About Daylite Windows

Daylite Windows creates faux windows for use in spaces without an exterior wall or where installing an actual window would be difficult. These simulated windows integrate the latest LED lighting technology into the form and materials of a window. The result is a product that is nearly indiscernible from the real thing.

Working with Evo-Lite

Evo-Lite is excited to be Daylite Windows' premiere lighting provider for the Faux Window product line. Our award-winning product line is a perfect match for these windows. 

When creating these faux windows, they must be slim, energy-efficient, super bright, cast neutral light, and accurately render colors. Products like Auragami can easily meet these demands. Daylite Windows are made to order and can be created at any size. The cuttable design of our light sheets helps facilitate windows of any size or shape! The tight LED pitch of Auragami also helps minimize the need for physical and spatial diffusion – helping keep these windows as thin as possible.

Product highlights

Daylite Windows offers a range of solutions for hospitality, healthcare, commercial buildings, and private residences. Create a skylight in an interior meeting room or office. Add a window to that dark basement guest room. Anywhere that feels dark and claustrophobic is the perfect place for a faux window.

Learn more about Daylite Windows at www.day-lite.com 

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