Evo-Lite.com gets a Complete Overhaul

Published on:
March 3, 2023

A powerful new website experience

The marketing team at Evo-Lite has put in many hours over the last year to rebuild and redesign our website from scratch. As a result, we substantially improved every technical and practical aspect of the site. 

Why we made the change

For the past several years, our website has plagued us with a variety of issues. These included platform-related problems such as slow content rollouts, limited abilities in both design and features, platform updates that broke the design, laughably slow loading times, a messy site backend, and vulnerable website security. At the end of the day, it wasn't serving our customers or us the way it needed to.

What this means for our customers and us

Our new website platform offers endless improvements over the old one. It allows us to design every pixel exactly how we want. It offers bullet-proof security and performance. No messy plugins or layout-breaking updates will ever be required.

Our customers can expect a much-improved browsing experience. The website loads blazingly fast, and the newly redesigned structure makes finding the info you need extremely simple. Another massive benefit of the new site is that it is thoughtfully designed for every size screen (mobile, tablet, and desktop).

We've also designed the site to be fully accessible. This means that those with disabilities can use our website. Making evo-lite.com work for everyone regardless of hardware, software, language, location, or ability was hugely important for us.

The new website also benefits our marketing team in countless ways. In the past, designing a product web page would take around a week and cause massive headaches as we were severely limited in how we could design the page. With our new platform, we can produce a product page in less than an hour. This frees up time that allows us to focus on the most important thing - our customers!

Overall, we can roll out marketing content as fast as we can imagine it. This helps us deliver timely resources for our customers and sales team. Our marketing software has also integrated seamlessly with the new website, allowing us to bolster our SEO practices, engagement efforts, analytic tracking, and marketing strategy.

How this update supports our mission

Ultimately, the new website design helps us better realize our vision for the future of Evo-Lite. We pride ourselves on innovation, education, and customer support. The new site allows us to do these things much more effectively than was ever possible before. It is an incredible resource for our customers, offering readily accessible product info, documents, inspiration, and more in an easily digestible format.

As we move forward, we will continue to develop the website to meet and exceed the needs of our customer base. Now that we've empowered our marketing team with this great new tool, we hope to make 2023 the most incredible year ever for Evo-Lite and our customers!

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