Auragami: Still the best flexible LED light sheet

Published on:
June 28, 2021

How Auragami stacks up against the competition.

We’ve been saying it for years – Auragami is the finest flexible light sheet available anywhere. When Auragami first entered the market it was leaps and bounds above the competition. Since then, many have tried to match the performance and capabilities of the Auragami Light Sheet. Three years later those copycats are still falling short.

Auragami is the leader in LED Pitch.

LED pitch is the density of LEDs in an area. The tighter the pitch, the better light diffusion. This means Auragami requires less spatial and optical diffusion – allowing the lowest-profile installations of any light sheet available.

Auragami Competitor 1 Competitor 2
332 LEDs / ft2 (SCW, TW) 129 LEDs / ft2 144 LEDs / ft2

Auragami Flexible Light Sheet in single color white

Auragami offers the smallest cutting increments.

One of the biggest benefits of this product is the ability to custom-shape light sheets in the field. Smaller cutting increments mean a more exact fit. Auragami Single Color White sits atop the market with an incredible 0.46″ cutting increment. Furthermore, we are the only ones who offer an RGBW light sheet that can be cut down to the individual LED group.

No matter how you choose to shape Auragami, it will maintain its UL Listing – saving you months in development by skipping recertification. No one else has made this claim.

Auragami Competitor 1 Competitor 2
0.46" (SCW, TW) 1" 2"x4"

Auragami Flexible LED Light sheet in RGBW

Auragami is the only light sheet that comes standard with IP65.

Ingress protection ratings are lab-tested designations that determine the ability of dust and liquids to penetrate the product. Auragami is the only light sheet we’ve seen that offers an IP65 rating – making it suitable for indoor/outdoor use and dry/wet locations. Despite having 3 years to match us, our competitors only offer abysmal IP20 ratings (indoor, dry locations only).

Auragami Competitor 1 Competitor 2
IP65 Wet Location Rated IP20 Basic Dust Ingress IP20 Basic Dust Ingress

Auragami Light Sheets installed on table

Auragami is optimized for Class 2 Compliance.

We’ve designed Auragami to take full advantage of the 24V, 96W Class 2 circuit. Using just 11 watts per sheet, one can connect up to 8 Auragami Light Sheets in one run while maintaining Class 2 Compliance and recommended driver headroom.

We carefully studied the balance of brightness and energy efficiency to determine the specs of Auragami. While some may offer more lumens per sheet, they also ignore energy efficiency and optimal Class 2 compliance. The more sheets that fit into a Class 2 circuit, the less one has to spend on LED Drivers!

We are the backlighting experts and we understand the level of brightness required for successful illumination better than anyone. At some point, offering more lumens per sheet can be pointless and environmentally irresponsible.

We offer the most extensive light sheet customization options.

Unlike the majority of other light sheets in the market, Auragami was meticulously engineered in-house. By now you can probably see what the result is when companies simply buy pre-made products off the shelf.

Because we developed Auragami ourselves, we have the ability to customize any aspect of the light sheet. Just one competitor (if you can even call them that) offers any sort of customization – and it’s only to the color temperature. Meanwhile, Evo-Lite has been producing custom sheets for years that fit our clients’ exact project needs. We can customize color temperature, IP Ratings, LED pitch, connectors, sheet size/shape, energy efficiency, brightness, PCB material type, and pre-mounted layouts.

Auragami backlights this luxury bathroom floor
Auragami Install in Florida, USA by LightPads Unlimited

Auragami is supported by the most successful and knowledgeable backlighting team in the world.

Most companies seem to disappear after you’ve paid them. Their light sheets are confusing to install and customers are left to figure it out themselves – costing them both time and money. To be honest, we’ve had many customers come to us after experiencing disaster while using other light sheets.

Evo-Lite has been leading the backlighting game for over 16 years and no one else offers the level of integration support that we do. No matter how large the project is, we are there for you from concept to completion. Where others see problems, we see opportunities.

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