LED Backlighting Project Guide

Published on:
June 18, 2024

How to Build a LED Lighting System: A Step-by-Step Guide

LED lighting has become the go-to choice for modern backlighting projects due to its energy efficiency, longevity, and versatility. Whether you're looking to create backlit features in your home or commercial space, building an LED lighting system can be a rewarding and cost-effective project. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential concepts for designing, planning, and implementing your own LED backlighting system.

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1. Define Your End Goal, Vision

Before diving into the specifics, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of your end goal. This is the stage where you can dream up your final vision. Are you aiming to create ambient lighting for a gathering place in your kitchen, task lighting for a workspace, or accent lighting to highlight architectural features? Defining your goal will guide every decision you make, from design to product selection. It also helps us guide you, set expectations for the process, and ultimately optimize the very best solution for you.

2. Project Design and Accommodations

Designing your lighting system involves more than just choosing lights. Consider the layout of your space and how lighting can enhance its functionality and aesthetics. Take measurements and create a detailed plan that includes the location of backlighting products, power sources, controls, and potential obstacles in the installation area.

We have an Auragami installation guide available. Use it to help plan your project and calculate light sheet quantities.

3. Lighting Product Selection

Selecting the right LED product is key to achieving your desired lighting effect. Consider factors such as brightness (measured in lumens), color temperature (measured in Kelvin), and beam angle. Our core products offer different benefits and can be used in various combinations to achieve your lighting goals. Ensure the products you select are compatible with your design and power requirements. We offer fantastic lighting tools in single-color white, tunable white, and RGBW.

Auragami flexible LED light sheets are great for any application and can be field-shaped for a perfect fit. TRAX LED Arrays are the go-to for medium to large backlighting projects and also offer field-shaping abilities. Light panels are custom-made to exact dimensions and can be an exceptional solution for many specialized applications. Check out the story, "What product when?" to see what might work best for your project!

4. Considerations for controls

LED lighting controls range from simple on/off switches to sophisticated smart home systems. Consider what level of control you need. Do you want to adjust brightness, change colors, or automate your lighting schedule? Residential applications often benefit from smart device integration, while physical wall controls are ideal in commercial spaces.

Many modern controls offer wireless and hardwire system connections. The benefit of wireless controls means you can place the wall control anywhere in the application space, greatly simplifying the install. Hardwired controls will need a physical line ran to the lighting system, which makes them less than ideal for remodel projects.

Our team does a great job making sure that we specify controls that meet your vision. Our products are engineered to work flawlessly with all control types so there is no need to worry about compatibility. Evo-Lite offers the latest in control technology and we'll make sure this part of your system delivers the intended results.

5. Power Supplies

Every low-voltage lighting system will need power supplies. Calculate the total wattage of your LED lights and select power supplies that can handle the load with 10% or more of headroom (this ensures an extended power supply lifetime). Ensure your power supplies are installed in a location that allows for proper ventilation.

We'll help you understand the power requirements of your system and ensure you have an optimized solution. We can even offer multi-circuit options like our 5-in-1 Dimmable LED Drivers that can power up to four 96-watt circuits. Solutions like these help keep costs low and take up less installation space.

6. Establishing a Timeline

Creating a timeline for your project helps keep things on track and ensures that you don't overlook any steps. Break down the project into manageable phases, such as design, product selection, testing, and installation. Allocate sufficient time for each phase, including potential delays for sourcing materials or troubleshooting issues. Request samples from us to test your forward-facing material and get comfortable with the product. Backlighting projects typically require the coordination of multiple trades and planning ahead is essential.

7. Sourcing Products and Professional Help

Sourcing high-quality products is paramount for a successful LED lighting system. We engineer our products to the strictest standards and well-built systems can last up to 20 years or more. Our team of experts can provide valuable advice and assistance, ensuring you choose the right products and achieve the best results. Collaborating with experts can save time and help avoid common pitfalls. As North America's most experienced backlighting team, we've seen it all and can offer solutions to any challenge you face along the way.


A well-designed lighting feature can enhance the ambiance and functionality of any space. By clearly defining your goals, carefully designing your project, selecting the right products, and working with an experienced team, you can create a lighting system that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Happy lighting!

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