Case Study: London Jewelers

Published on:
January 23, 2024

A custom solution for a high-end application

The London Jewelers store in Manhasset, NY needed a way to stand out from other nearby stores. In response, this high-end jeweler looked to construct a large backlit glass facade.

The need for a custom solution

The installers for the London Jeweler's storefront wanted a backlighting solution that could be easily serviced in the future. Beyond this initial need, they desired a way to speed up the installation so that the store would experience as minimal disruption as possible. In response, the team at Evo-Lite quickly developed a custom solution using Auragami Light Sheets.

The answer

We developed a custom system where light sheets were premounted to pieces of interlocking material. Each backer had a hook at the top and bottom so they could be linked vertically together. The light sheets were then mounted to the backers in an optimized configuration that ensured no gaps of light between pieces.

At the job site, The installers hooked the pieces together and plugged in the connectors. They then went to the roof of the building and dropped each connected run behind the glass facade. These combined runs conveniently hooked to the top of the application.

Evo-Lite's custom solution allowed the job to be completed quickly and easily with minimal effort from the installation team. Future service needs are easy to address, only needing to pull up the connected light sheets.

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